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Wasatch County Council October 1, 2010


The Council met this week in a special regular meeting on Tuesday to act upon the request by both Heber Light and Power and Rocky Mountain Power to grant a franchise for Heber Light and an easement for Rocky Mountain Power to provide electrical power for residents and businesses in the unincorporated areas. This was a continuation from previous meetings as the documents addressing the agreement needed finalization by County Attorney, Scott Sweat. This was done and the final document presented in this meeting.

Basically, the agreement allows for a 25 year operation to provide services. This agreement was completed by ordinance from the Council. It allows both organizations to operate within the boundaries already agreed upon by both parties. There is a map showing the areas of assignment.

Further, the agreement passed by the Council prohibits duel lines in the same right of ways, and that each organization is to report on a yearly basis to the Council the doings of their operations. The agreement allows for either party and the Council to give a 45 day notice in the event of concerns whereby either electrical company or Wasatch County is deemed not living up to this agreement. This franchise agreement helps clarify the areas of operation for both power companies. Albeit, Rocky Mountain Power comes under the preview of Utah Public Service Commission.

The second item on the agenda was a discussion by the Council concerning the operation of the Heber Valley Rail Road. They are currently working to restore steam engine 75 are making efforts to repair the many cars and yard to accommodate their daily operations. They have a grant from UDOT that will help with most of the costs for the steam engine restoration. However, they are in need of partnering with individual organizations including the County and City entities within Wasatch County to complete other train projects. The HVRR is a state run operation but receives no money from the state in which to operate. What is needed is donations support these many projects so that they may update their equipment and cars used on a daily basis. The HVRR is seen by many as a valuable resource to the community. What the train brings into our beautiful valley are many tourists who recreate here and spend their hard earned dollars for our benefit.

The Council as a whole is supportive of HVRR and would like to partner with them. The motion was made and passed requesting the executive director, Craig Lacy put together a short and long range plan of what the HVRR needs are and the direction they are going and what help is specifically needed. This matter will be placed on the October 6th Council agenda for Mr. Lacy to present this plan. This is short notice but Mr. Lacy had already been given a preliminary notice that we would be discussing this matter and has already been preparing the information to be presented.

Since this is a short article in which I have reported I have attached another article that addresses a concern that affects all of our community citizens. I attended, with no cost to the Citizens of Wasatch County a conference in St. George on September 22nd thru 24. The conference addressed substance abuse in and around the states of Utah and Nevada. I attended the Prevention side of the conference and was pleased that many of the providers in our own community were in attendance. We are being hit with a new substance called Spice that some of our young people are using, since it really isn’t illegal to use, YET!!!! The Council will be addressing this in the very near future. The following article is given to let the Citizens know what’s going on around the state of Utah and what’s being done about it.

Neil Anderton, Wasatch County Council

BY NEIL ANDERTON   10/04/2010

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