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What Is Spice?



 * A synthetic Cannabinoid including CP-47,497-C8 and JWH-018/structurally similar to THC
 * Manufactured in a lab with new compounds/not a bath tub made substance
 * High Tech Methodically manufactured to mine psychoactive compounds
 * Scientifically regulated savvy out-maneuvering authorities to keep it legal
 * Spice known also as Green Mamba, Yucatan fire, Armageddon and K2
 * Sells for as much as up to $35 an ounce
 * Invented by Dr. John Huffman at Clemson University in 1995
 * Marijuana users reproduced the recipe as an legal alternative to marijuana
 * Touted as a natural, healthful herb

Symptoms of Use:

 * Mimics the effects of pot
 * Green coloring on top of tongue/ methamphetamine use shows blistering
 * Extreme paranoia
 * Impact different on every individual
 * Lacks clear thinking/individual using thinks everything is fine
 * Irrational
 * Lack of good reasoning
 * Excited state or anxiety attacks
 * Profound impact on brain function still unknown
 * High blood pressure/increased heart rate
 * Acts on cannabinoid brain receptors
 * Inability to sleep
 * Feelings of intoxication or a legal high
 * Hallucinations
 * Long term affects not known
 * May use with other illicit drugs/sciddling or mixing together

Availability of Spice:

 * Readily available
 * Certain stores advertise openly/especially on Wasatch front
 * Also sold in convenience stores and herbal or spiritual shops as incense
 * Youth and college students know how to obtain without much difficulty even under 18 years of age
 * More hidden in our rural communities
 * Young drawn to spice as a new/yet legal substance that gets you high
 * Spice is under reported
 * Imported from China in 2006, batches seized in European countries made illegal

Educating the Public:

 * Primarily many parents do not know much if anything about Spice or K2
 * Many youth exposed to it see it as harmless because it is still legal
 * Very few tests if any can detect the substance in the body
 * Schools in Salt Lake County treat it like other illegal drugs
 * Rural schools in many districts do not have policies that cover this drug
 * Some discussion is done in context of prevention/dimension such as DARE classes * Some schools educate in Red Ribbon Week
 * A need to advertise in local communities that SPICE KILLS
 * Allow schools to do a National Night Out
 * Schools can educate in Multi-Media Classes
 * Include and educate in our After-School Programs
 * Include information about Spice on Screen Savers
 * We need to Legislate and Educate State Wide
 * Have U of U do research under Dr. Glen Hansen
 * Need to get Law Enforcement on board
 * Check out web-site CNN and news reporting
 * Utah City and County officials need to be aware and educated on Spice

Prevention and enforcement:

* Ogden City is taking the lead on making it illegal
 * South Ogden is following the lead and working to make Spice illegal
 * Utah County has now passed an ordinance making Spice illegal to possess or use
 * Wasatch County taking action to begin the process to make it illegal
 * Search and locate testing facilities that can effectively test for Spice
 * Washington County Sheriffs office using a testing facility they like, contact them for info
 * Most if not all Drug Courts have a zero tolerance for the use of Spice
 * Recognize the difficulty of enforcing since this is a new drug and still legal in many places
 * Need a combined effort by all Law Enforcement, Mental Health, Substance abuse, Schools and State, County and City Officials to come together to educate and find solutions and promote effective prevention programs
 * Cannot treat Spice like it is a “fade” that will soon pass and vanish, need to know it is a serious drug that has deadly consequences
 * We need to look at holding a conference with all organizations to address, perhaps the Governor’s office can take the lead on this matter like the Meth Task Force under Governor Jon Huntsman

BY NEIL ANDERTON   10/03/2010

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