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2010 Kent Smith | Heber North - Seat C

A Little About Me
I have had the good fortune of living in Wasatch County my entire life. Because of this I have had the opportunity to learn from previous generations about hard work and the values of honesty and integrity. I am married to Karen Smith who is currently working as a teacher for the Wasatch County School District. We have been blessed with four children and five grandchildren. We feel fortunate to have all but our youngest daughter currently living here in the valley. My mother, Glenna Smith, remains in the valley as well.

When Karen and I married over 35 years ago my job required me to commute to Salt Lake. After years of the daily commute we had to come to a decision about whether to move to Salt Lake or remain in Wasatch County. The choice was made to stay in Wasatch County and offer our children the same opportunities we had while growing up in a community that we love. We have never regretted this decision as our children have also been influenced and taught by many wonderful people in Wasatch County.
I began working in the heating and air conditioning business as an after school and summer job during my high school years. I graduated from Wasatch High School and then attended and completed a Sheet Metal and Heating and Air Conditioning apprenticeship program through Utah Technical College (currently UVU). As I completed my education, I realized my job opportunities were very limited in Wasatch County in regards to making a livable wage and providing insurance benefits for my family. It was necessary for me to commute to the Salt Lake Valley for over 20 years as I worked in the commercial sheet metal trade. 15 years ago, as the growth within our county exploded, I started my own small business installing heating and air conditioning and doing general sheet metal work. My company mainly serves Wasatch and Summit Counties.

Community Involvement

My community service over the last 30 years has been centralized around the youth in our valley as I have served in nearly every level of the Boy Scouts of America Organization. Currently I am working with the 11 year old scouts as well as serving on the District Scout Committee. The positions I have had in the BSA organization have provided me with an array of opportunities for leadership whether it was serving as the Wasatch Country District Chairman or volunteering as a scoutmaster. While I have enjoyed and learned much from working with the other adult volunteers involved in this organization, my favorite and most fulfilling experiences have been working with the young men of this valley. It has been very rewarding to watch these young men grow into responsible adults who are now taking the lead and carrying on the scouting duties of our community. In 1998 the Utah National Parks awarded me with the Silver Beaver Award, which is scouting’s highest award for distinguished service within this organization. In addition to the BSA, I have also been involved with the Habitat For Humanity Organization and I am currently a member of the Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce, the Better Business Bureau of Utah, and the National Federation of Small Business.

Why Am I Running For the County Council Heber North Seat

In March of this year, I was attending a merit badge class with my scout troop when a presentation was given concerning the Citizenship in the Community merit badge. This merit badge encourages scouts to become involved in one’s community. I resolved that night that it was time for me to start giving back to the community that had given me so much. It just so happened that less than 24 hours later someone called and asked if I would consider running for the open county council seat and here I am. My core value system has been formed by the good people of this valley. I feel it is time that I give back to this community by becoming more involved and offering my service. I feel I understand the concerns of the residents of Wasatch County. I recognize the difficulty of finding a job in the county that provides a livable wage with benefits in order to raise a family. I am a small business owner who constantly faces the challenges of big box developers as I try and compete on a smaller scale. I have lived through the good and the bad times economically in our valley which has taught me the value of financial responsibility. I am sensitive to those wanting to maintain a rural community. At this point in my life I feel I have the time necessary to fulfill the important role as a Wasatch County Council member. From the time I committed to run for this office I have regularly attended the County Council meetings. I realize there is much to learn. I have no personal agenda other than to serve, study, work hard, learn, and make choices based on the best information available that I feel will benefit the majority of our citizens for the present time as well as maintain a quality of life for future generations.

Issues of Concern To Me

At this time there are many important decisions being made in regards to the future growth of our county. The following are issues I feel strongly about.
  • As a small business owner and in my own personal life I have felt it vital to be fiscally conservative. This is a quality I also feel is necessary for county government.
  • I feel it is essential to explore every opportunity to build a commercial tax base that will assist in the financing of services within our county and ease the burden felt by homeowners.
  • I will work hard to retain open space in order to maintain a rural feel to our surroundings.
  • I will investigate opportunities that would bring clean, well paying jobs to our community, thus avoiding the need for so many of our citizens to commute out of the county for work.
  • As development does take place within our county I feel it is important to manage this growth in a way that developers pay for the impact they have on the county services.
  • Recognizing that our county employees are a valuable asset to the efficiency of our county, I feel it is critical they have access to the county council as a forum for their concerns.
  •  I encourage community involvement and would welcome visiting with you.

Please Take The Opportunity To Vote

I would ask for your support on November 2nd. Honesty and Integrity are qualities that I hold in high regard. These two values are what will guide all my decisions if I am elected to the Wasatch County Council.

If you have questions or comments please contact me at

Home: 435 654 3913

BY KENT SMITH   10/04/2010

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