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Fall in the Wasatch Mountains

Fall in the Wasatch MountainsIf you have ever doubted you have a 6th sense, one that can detect magic and the supernatural, spend an afternoon sitting in a grove of golden aspens at the peak of leaf season in the Wasatch mountains. As sunlight filters through the gold leaves everything takes on a hue so rich you can feel it in seep into your skin as if it was a magic elixir. Such was my morning as we hiked through groves of giant aspens above Park City on Guardsman Pass. The stark contrast of the yellow leaves against the deep green firs only emphasized the aspen’s brilliance.

Guardsmans pass I finally had to refrain from picking up the 100th plus perfect leaf and stuffing it in my sketch book. Somehow, by keeping those leaves, I feel I can preserve the wonder that you get as you walk Cascades of leafs Park Citythrough this forest.


MaggieWe turn right onto “Sleeping Moose” trail. That’s a good sign; for sure we will see a moose on a trail with that name. I do a quick check to make sure Maggie, our dog, is sticking close by. It is not that she would chase a moose. Actually quite the opposite I am sure.

Mt. Timpanogas early morning

Last week at my friend Mary Lou’s home Maggie proved her “cow dog” genes were not dominate. We were just finishing up a walk near Soldier Hollow above Mary Lou’s home. We cut along her pasture where Willey the mule watched us and Mary Lou’s four dogs.

Gus Gus, the border collie Loves to show off his “ranch skills” by chasing Willie back and forth across the pasture. Willey enthusiasticly participates in the game until Gus clamps down on Willie’s tail and becomes airborne. So it was this morning as we came to the pasture. Willie came full speed down the fence line with Gus on his heels. Maggie took one look at this giant long eared muffin- maker and turned back towards the hills full speed. It was 45 minutes before we found her, she wouldn’t go near the barn or pasture to get in the car to go home. A moose doesn’t really look like a mule, but it’s probably close enough for Maggie, she will leave it alone. More on our hike tomorrow….

by Janet Johnson 


BY JANET JOHNSON   10/08/2010

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