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Mr. Philpot Comes to Town

Morgan Philpot came to the Heber Valley October 6th 2010 in an effort to garner votes in his bid to unseat Democratic opponent Jim Matheson in the November election.

The afternoon was spent at a fund raising dinner at the Spin Cafe and later he spoke to a “Meet the Candidate” gathering in the Senior Citizens Center.

“Washington has spent its time maximizing power while minimizing its accountability,” Philpot explained. “We’re almost 14 trillions dollars in debt,” He said. “To put that into perspective one trillion represents a million dollars a day for 3000 years.”

Philpot believes individual integrity is necessary to prevent people from being corrupt. Integrity, he believes, is what’s lacking in Washington.

If elected, Philpot hopes to change the out of control spending. Spending by Congress and the President is at historic levels. His goal is to significantly reduce the federal budget, keep the capital gains tax low, eliminate the 1099 tax form requirement of Obamacare, and reduce the corporate income tax rate.

The impending expiration of the Bush tax cuts was another concern. His opponent, Jim Matheson held the deciding vote on whether Congress would stay and deal with the expiration of the tax cuts or table the issue and go home. In January America is facing one of the biggest tax increases in history. Jim Matheson voted to go home.

Another topic that concerns Philpot is how public lands are used. According to Philpot, the way federal lands are being managed in Utah is becoming a serious problem. The practice of locking up lands and resources is unacceptable as well as trying to limit or prohibit historic access and use.

At one point Philpot became emotional. His biggest concern is how America is slowly drifting away from the precepts of the Constitution. He feels we need to get back to what our founding fathers intended when they drafted that document.

Philpot heads for Utah County next week and then on to St. George for a schedule debate with Jim Matheson. He reminds everyone that early voting begins October 19th.

Morgan Philpot can be contacted at

BY KEN MCCONNELL   10/10/2010

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