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Fall in the Wasatch Mountains Hike part 2

view towards Midway and Heber Valley

I keep watch listening and looking for that promised moose, or two. My theory on moose is if there is one, there are two. I usually see one first and the second is never far away. We slowly wind up through boulders and aspen groves, through stands of thick spruce and fir. The trail leads out to a rocky outcrop and ends. We can see down into Heber Valley, toward Strawberry Reservoir and north towards Coalville and Wyoming. Just as we are about to descend of the rocky outcropping I hear snapping branches behind us.

View towards Clayton Peak Through the aspens a momma moose and a calf wander by. I only got this vague picture of them before they take off. See if you can see the moose in the photo on the left. Then see if you can find the top of Maggie the dogs head as she was bolting towards us and away from the moose! Good girl. The thrill of seeing a moose is still the prize, the day is complete.  

by Janet Johnson &  

BY JANET JOHNSON   10/12/2010

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