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Spice or K2 same intoxicating effects as Marijuana

October 18th, 2010 Heber City, UT  

Heber City has for some time now been the target of the newest fad in the illicit drug culture, “Spice” or “K2”.  Spice is a synthetic marijuana and the latest in a string of dangerous drugs that our laws are unable to keep up with.   

Spice has the same intoxicating effects as Marijuana and has potentially farm greater problems commonly associated with LSD.  As is the case with any illicit drug or drug of abuse, Spice poses a threat to our citizens.  Drugs are not a victimless crime.  Users routinely injure others while high especially when around motor vehicles.  Addicts routinely commit other crimes including burglary, theft, fraud and assault in order to support their habits.  Exact numbers are hard to reach, but as much as 90% of all crime has some direct nexus to substance abuse.  Our health care system is also affected because of the injuries caused to others and the severe health effects on the users themselves.  This also affects individual consumers who now have to pay higher health care premiums and costs.  

To combat this, Heber City in cooperation with Wasatch County is working to enact a joint ordinance to prohibit Spice or other similar products from our community.  We are hopeful that both governing bodies will enact this legislation this week in their meetings.  We will follow up with the community on the ordinance when it comes into effect.  If you have concerns about this problem or other issues contact the police department.    

Heber City Police Department    

BY JASON BRADLEY   10/18/2010

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