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Hiding From The Hunt, Buck Stopped Here

wipe the drool hunters, I am off limits in Janet's yard! Buck in Heber Valley, MidwayDeer have been gathering in my yard at night, not a single apple or pear lies on the grass beneath our ancient fruit trees. They have cleaned it up. Maybe they are staking out their safe place during the annual deer hunt. Either way, the buck stopped here. Actually 3 bucks, each have stopped here quite often over the summer. Each one sports a rack like this guy. When I politely ask them to not eat the apple tree seedlings, they saunter off, kind of indignantly.
Mary taking photo Chipmunk on the trailLeaves were just past peak as we hiked up above Brighton last week. We came to a lake with an old rock and earthen dam at one end, overgrown with raspberries. At one corner lies a huge pile of logs that were clearly the work of beavers. On the way up we had passed several more lakes, all with a natural flow. None had the slightest sign of beaver activity. Yet at this lake lie a pile of ancient wood all gnawed on by beaver, easily decades ago. Were the logs older than the dam? Was this just the remains of a beaver lodge built before the men came and dammed up the lake?
Silver Lake? Jewels by the lakeThere was no sign of activity by beaver for a long time. I wondered what happened to the beaver. If they were trapped out by the last mountain men, long before Alta was a mining town or Park City was even here. As my friend Jewels took in quiet moment across the lake, I thought about how life at this little alpine lake was permanently changed by settlers barely more than a hundred years ago. First person to email me with the name the lake on the left can have my pile of porcupine quills! What a deal!

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BY JANET JOHNSON   10/21/2010

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