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Wasatch County Council Oct 20, 2010

This report will include some action from the weeks of October 13th and the 20th 2010.

  On October 13th the Council met in a regular meeting to discuss and consider passing two resolutions.  The first was the Resolution authorizing the issuance and sale by the issuer of approximately $3,475,000 General Obligation Refunding Bonds. Series 2010.  To prescribe the form of Bonds, provide for the manner of Execution and Delivery of said Bonds, provide for the use of the proceeds and how payment of said Bonds will be made.  Further, approving the execution of a Bond Purchase Agreement, ratifying the publication of a notice of Bonds to be issued and a public hearing, ratifying the running of a contest period and authorizing all other actions necessary for the consummation of the transactions contemplated by this resolution.  In lay mans language, to reduce the interest down to 2.14 % from around 5% without extending the time of payment and thereby saving Wasatch County over $200,000. This matter was discussed and passed unanimously by the Council. 

  The next resolution considered was the declaration and intention of Wasatch County to issue Industrial Revenue Bonds, with no cost to the Public;  used to finance the Acquisition, Construction, and Equipment of a Manufacturing and Ware house Facility for Rooftop Properties, LLC, a Limited Liability Corporation who is incorporated in the State of Utah.  The authorizing of the issuance and sale of such bonds in the Principal amount of $2,000,000.  This establishes the conditions which must be met at or prior to the issuance of the Revenue Bonds, providing for the reimbursement from the proceeds of such Bonds of expenditures for the project.  It should be noted that the Council had already approved $1,000,000 for this project.  Since other organizations did not utilize monies allocated to them this freed up approximately $3,600,000 for industrial Revenue Bond issuance.  After deliberations and discussion on this matter the Council voted to approve this amount to Rooftop Properties. The total amount received by them will be $2,000,000.  This  will be an asset to the County and provide for employment opportunities for some of our citizens. 

  On October 20th the Council met in a regular meeting to discuss several important matters.  First, the Council set hearing dates for all Special Service Districts and for the County Budget hearing on December 1st 2010. At 6:00 PM.  This was done without any fan fair. 

  Next the Council discussed the 2nd reading on the proposed Ordinance  concerning Synthetic Marijuana or Spice, ordinance No. 10-10.  This ordinance has been written by a member of our County Attorney’s office.  After giving the Council members two weeks to digest this ordinance and deliberation by them and general counsel it was favorably passed with a unanimous vote of 7 ayes with no dissenting vote.  This ordinance will go into effect within two weeks following the passing of such named ordinance.  The illegal aspects of the ordinance includes the manufacturing, possession, use and sale of such substance with a penalty of a class B misdemeanor  and a $750 fine.  Once this becomes law within this next week it will be published for public use.

  The matter of Kris Pollock request for a waiver of the road standard requirements was discussed.  This consideration focused on the area in section 14.02.07 of the Wasatch County Code for the development of his property at 2750 East Center Street in Section, 3 Township3 South Range 5 East.  His request was to have the Council make an determination of easing the requirements since his property was from a lot of record and Heber City had previously constructed a water tank and had built a easement road to the tank.  To make his lot accessible and legal he would need the Council’s approval to make his lot into a flag lot and be able to utilize the easement road which already exists.  As it now stands he is basically land locked.  The owner stated that future plans would be to dedicate the 60 foot easement next to The Crossings the entire length of not only his property, but that of two other owners, which are family members.  After much deliberation the Council voted 6 to 1 to table the matter until this could be worked further with the planning Department and go thru the small development process. 

  The last matter considered was of further bids for the Fair ground buildings.  It was reported by Councilman Jay Price that the construction of a gate and fencing needed to be completed.  The cost for this construction will be $37, 005.  After some discussion on the matter this was passed by the Council to be sent out for bid.  This amount is within the total amount already approved by the Council. 

  This is all for the past two weeks.  With the upcoming election many of us are busy campaigning and hoping for the best. 

  Til next time,   Neil Anderton, Wasatch County Council

BY NEIL ANDERTON   10/25/2010

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