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Whoa Winter, Not So Fast!

Alpenglow on the Wasatch Full Moon Birds in Midway The sun rose on a heavy snowfall coating Mt. Timpanogas last week. First snow makes for extraordinary light in the morning and evening. The full moon and snow clouds drew the attention of these birds. Maybe they were just hoping to get the first warm rays of sun on a frosty morning.
Gardening in Heber Valley is pretty good Frosty leaf on the trail to Cascade SpringsAs usual I was not quite ready to have my garden buried in snow. I have been scrambling to get the last goodies out before they froze. We have been eating roasted vegetable chili for weeks. I just cut up whatever vegetables are in the garden, drizzle olive oil, add oregano and garlic then roast them until they are caramelized. Then mix the roasted veggies in a pot with tomato paste, a bottle of Polygamy Porter beer (or apple cider), a can of black beans and a dash of smoky paprika. Couldn't be easier.... Yum... particularlly on a cold frosty night!
Elk above Midway Midway Dog attire during the huntHeber Valley had a heavy frost and then a light coat of snow. Early one morning we headed up for a hike. I put a few orange flagging ribbons on Maggie since the hunt was still going. We passed three hunters on horseback. The first two horses passed us calmly, but the when the last horse saw the orange lions mane on Maggie, it reared back snorting and stomping. I had to grab Maggie, who was equally frightened by the horrified horse before she took off for the hills. After the incident with Willie the Mule I wasn’t taking any chances.

Mill Lane Farm Elk Eye ViewWe saw a small heard of elk above Mill Lane Farm. Left is a "elk's eye view" of Mill Lane Farm from above during the summer. Delicious! It won’t be long before they are down here for the winter. They like the warm ground and shrubbery smorgasbord they find in Midway over the winter. Mill Lane Farm has some of the most interesting and unique herbs, perennials and shrubs in Heber Valley. All organically grown for the soap Lyn has made and sold for years. That is a story for the next blog.  see my work at

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BY JANET JOHNSON   11/01/2010

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