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Inspired Soap

Gardens at Mill Lane Farm Inspirational View from Mill Lane Farm As I had mentioned in my last blog, the herbs at Mill Lane Farm are plentiful and unique. The farm is tucked into a corner of Midway underneath Mt. Timpanogas. Snake Creek pulsates through the farm, quenching the soil with melted snow from the Wasatch mountains. The serenity of Mill Lane Farm seeps into the earth, into the plants and into the soaps made from those plants.
Mill Lane Farm Botanical Soap The owners started out growing herbs and vegetables to sell to local restaurants and farmers markets. As their gardens flourished, they expanded into making organically grown herbs as well as organic body creams, healing bath salts and lotion sticks. Many of the plants used in the soaps and lotions can be found thriving in the organic gardens at Mill Lane Farm. The scents in the products are made from essential oils. In the distillation of essential oils, care is taken to maintain the "essence" or life force of the plants. That essence is passed onto the user, providing profound benefits to health and well being.

Soap room all soaps made by hand Organic packaging for gifts Walking into the soap making room is smorgasbord for the nose. If it was a restaurant, the menu would include delicacies such as oils of lavender, rosewood, geranium, cedarwood and orange. A soothing-to-the-skin side dish would include tea tree, nettle leaf, chickweed, slippery elm, milk thistle, and oat straw. Rain Shadow, one blissful body cream, is a formula infused with jojoba oil and contains basil, pine, juniper berry, lemongrass and lime. I could go on, the list is extensive.

Organic gardens The bath salts are made with salt imported from the Dead Sea. I had a case of poison ivy once that no prescription would touch, until I used bath salts from the Dead Sea, within days the nasty rash was gone. It only makes sense that such a wholesome and satisfying product would be born from the inspiration of a place like the Wasatch Mountains. If you want to pick up the essence of the Wasatch Mountains you can find soap from Mill Lane Farm Soap in most local stores and online. .  see my work at

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BY JANET JOHNSON   11/10/2010

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