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Snow Removal and Driving

Our recent re-introduction to winter serves as a reminder to drivers to slow down and leave extra stopping distance between your car and the next. Fortunately accidents in Heber City were few on this first storm of the season, but on the highways drivers were not as lucky.

The Heber City Police Department is tasked with assisting public works in making sure Heber’s streets are safely cleared of snow and as a first of the season message would like to remind all residents to keep their vehicles off city streets for snow removal. Heber City Ordinance reads:

“Beginning November 15th of each year and terminating April 1st, it is unlawful to park or leave parked any vehicle upon the City’s paved portion of the street or within five feet thereof following an accumulation of two inches or more of snow, or any time that snow removal is taking place.”

All of that sounds wordy and confusing so here is the short version: If it is snowing or is going to snow move any vehicles off the road and onto driveways and yards. This can at times be a little inconvenient, but consider what you are getting out of it. Your street and the rest of the roads in Heber will be cleared sooner if no cars are impeding the snow plows from getting the job done. This will make your travel safer and easier. Additionally, the slight inconvenience pays off big when your vehicles don’t get damaged from snow plows, flying snow and ice, and careless drivers.

Heber City Police Department

BY JASON BRADLEY   11/29/2010

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