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Overpayment Scam Warning

Scammers have been victimizing Heber Valley citizens during the last few weeks. The current “hot” scam is not new, but we want to remind citizens about this problem. These predators will look for advertisements placed on sites such as and make contact with the seller and offer to buy the product or item. They then send a check for too much money and ask the seller to send a check for the excess back to them. By the time the seller does this, the original check sent by the scammer bounces leaving the seller holding the bag. There are of course other variations of this type of scam.

Don’t fall victim to these types of crimes. If the deal feels “fishy” or sounds too good to be true, it is. Demand correct payment, and verify any checks or other instruments are valid before you complete transactions.

Generally these scammers are based outside of the United States and extremely difficult if not impossible to bring to justice. Don’t fall victim to fraud and other schemes. Ask questions, verify information, and contact law enforcement, consumer protection or other agencies when you think that there might be a problem.

Heber City Police Department

BY JASON BRADLEY   11/29/2010

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