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Heber City Mayor's Message

Heber City employees enjoyed a potluck Christmas luncheon this past week, held in the gymnasium of the old Central Elementary School. The Mayor thanked employees for their dedication and hard work this past year. With the budget-tightening that has gone on in the City and job vacancies that have occurred without being filled, employees have stepped up and taken on more duties to help keep the City running in smooth order. We appreciate our employees and the good job they do. Each one makes Heber City a better place in which to live. In a Christmas message sent to the employees, they were reminded that as civil servants working for the public, they don't often receive accolades or a “thank you” for a job well done. Sometimes the only feedback they receive is negative in nature. We thank the public for the positive feedback we receive from time to time concerning employees who go the extra mile, or do something noteworthy. This past week we received complimentary letters on behalf of Mark Rounds in Cemetery and Parks detailing how he went the extra mile to help a family with a burial situation, and a nice thank you to Devin Bagley, Rance Echols and Steve Tozier in Public Works for their help in a recent sewer issue.

We're grateful to live in a community like ours where people continue to go that extra mile to help their neighbors and friends. Best wishes to each of you in the coming year, and we hope you enjoy a prosperous and healthy new year.

With winter upon us, Heber City would like to remind property owners it is your responsibility to keep all sidewalks adjacent to your property clear of snow and ice accumulation.

Also, beginning November 15th of each year and ending April 1st, it is unlawful to park or leave parked any vehicle upon the City’s paved portion of the street, or within five feet thereof following an accumulation of two inches or more of snow, or any time that snow removal is taking place.

BY DAVE PHILLIPS   01/06/2011

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