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Scholarship Night Slated for Wednesday

Seniors at Wasatch High School are invited to a Financial Aid/Scholarship night on Wednesday, January 12th at 7:00 p.m. at the Wasatch High School Auditorium.  “We would hope that every senior and his/her parents would attend this meeting,” said Wasatch High School Counselor Larry Huntington.  “There is money available for college students, even in these tough economic times.”

This meeting is particularly important since congress acted so late in the year to change tax laws creating several new credits and deductions which are available for students. Many people are not yet aware of these changes which can make a big difference in funding a student’s education.

Along with the Wasatch High School counseling staff, members of the Financial Aid office from University of Utah will also be present.  Last year, the U of U provided over $300 million in student assistance.

“Even if a student is not going to attend the University of Utah, this meeting is very relevant,” said Mr. Huntington.  “General scholarship and financial aid information for all universities, even out of state universities, will be provided.”

Participants will be shown how to fill out the FAFSA forms, which are necessary before any federal aid can be given.  These forms are also required for many other scholarships for students.  Filling them out early and correctly is key to receiving money for college.

Over $199 billion is available through scholarships and aid that will be discussed at this seminar, so the practicality of this meeting hits home rather quickly.

“We will also be talking about the scholarships offered by the Wasatch Community Foundation,” said Mr. Huntington.  “They are once again guaranteeing a scholarship to any student who fills out and applies for 20 scholarships and provides copies of those applications to the foundation.  The last time the foundation made this offer, 91 students responded and 89 of those students received multiple offers of scholarships.”

Parents can find themselves frustrated if their students graduate without a scholarship to help pay for college.  Attending this meeting and filling out the indicated forms will go a long way to avoid this financial stress.

BY JOHN MOSS   01/11/2011

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